Diecast and Decals
The photos below depect projects my customers have made using decals designed and printed by us.
The firetrucks below were "kitbash" customs made by Jeff Wielczopolski of Taylor Michigan
The unique truck below was kitbashed by Andy Theobald, Garching / Alz, Germany.  It turned out absolutely awesome!

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This Cadillac Ambulance was customized by Larry Lawrence, webmaster of www.fireengines.net.
Updated with green stripe added to unit.
Kitbashed by Daryl Osiecki from Shelton Connecticut
The 4 fire trucks pictured below were customized by Albert Jacoby of Roebling NJ  and are on display at the FlorenceTownship, NJ  FD
Custom made hot rod by Lynn Miller of Greely, Colorado
Kit custom paint job and decals made for his wife by Lynn Chitty Stauton, Illinois
Customized by Dan Simmers of Chicago, Illinois (Ozinga Cement Co. , Chicago, Ill.)
Customized by James Fisher of Nappanee, Indiana
The funny car and excavator was made by Rob Millani, Deer Park NY
Pow Mia Car made by Frank V. Milavec ,Bellevue, Nebraska
Customized by Darrell Goodman of North Las Vegas, Nevada
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Custom Made and Decaled by Steve Brenjak, New Baltimore, Michigan
These refuse trucks are custom manufactured by Bob Scribner at Granite State Collectibles .  The decals were made by us. www.diecastanddecals.com