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Custom Made Die Cast Police Cars
These Crown Vics are made by Welly and Motormax come in 1/43 scale (aobutr 4.5 inches long), 1/24th scale (approximately 75 inches long by 2.5 inches high and 2.5 inches wide), and 1/18 scale (about 11.5 inches long)  Go to www.policecarmodels.com and look under blank cars to see what models are availible. The doors open, the hood opens.  Send us good pictures of your department's cars with close ups of the logos and overall pics of the car and we can reproduce it in a die cast model.  (If your decal goes over where the door will open the door will bue glued shut.)

They come in all white or black and black with white doors and roof.  We can customize them them to look like your departments cars.  The average pricing on these 1/24 scale customized cars is $125 for a single car.(1/24 scale are approximately 8.5 inches long.1/18 scale cars (about 11.5 inches long) cost $145 on average.

Police car graphics are very time consuming to make-typically 4-8 hours or more on a car, thus the reason for the sliding scale on pricing.

If you already have the diecast cars we can make the decals for them from photos of the real police cars you want to duplicate.
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The Duchess County Sheriff car and the NPD Paramedic Rescue shown below were made by Joseph Gueirro of Nashua, NH. 
The decals were designed made by us (Diecast and Decals) for his projects.
This model police car of the Sumrall, Mississippi PD is being used as a wedding cake topper for an officer's wedding in Sept 07-a rather unique use!
The Rutherford and East Rutherford NJ PD cars are produced by Fred Lyons of Rutherford NJ.  He has a micro business specializing in local police departments and is swamped with orders.
Decals are designed and produced by us here at Diecast and Decals.
This Cridersville police car is a diecast model of Chief John Drake's car and even has the pic of Max his dog in the rear quarter side window and on the license plate like the real thing!
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These cars were made by Deputy Tommy Cash, Rex, Ga. and Officer Anthony Lumpkin, Jonesboro, Ga.
Custom made by us for Jackie Carlson, Jacksonville, FL.  It was given to him at his retirement