Diecast and Decals
Sample pictures of custom nameplates put on die cast hearses for collectors. Ambulances are shown below these.
Email us about any inquires you may have
If you have a unique design that there is no ready made font we can reproduce that design.  Closeup pictures of your name plate is desired along with
the width and height requirements.

Attach a picture of your real equipment with closeups of your nameplates and insignias to an email  and we can reproduce it for your model diecast vehicles.  No digital camera?  Just mail us photographs. Mail to Diecast and Decals, Joseph Schulte, 103 Seneca Ave., Cridersville,. OH 45806. Please
get closeups of your name plate and include the width and height of the decal for your model. 

The other option is to create your lettering in a Microsoft Word file choosing the font and size you want it printed.  Just attach that file to an email.  We can print in metallic silver (like in the above pictures)metallic gold, white and all other colors.  This option will save you money as we do not have to do custom
artwork that takes a lot of time.
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Your name plates will be produced on water slide decal film with a cardboard like backpaper.  To apply them you put cut around the lettering, place it FILM SIDE DOWN in a bowl of warm water for about 30 seconds and the film will then release from the cardboard backing.  Wet the surfurace you are applying it to and place the decal near the position you want and slide the film off the backing paper onto the surface.  Using a real Kleenix (no other brand) gently blot the excess water keeping one finger on the decal.  Then take an artist brush and work out from the center removing the water from underneath the decal.  Alternate doing that and blotting with the Kleenex till no more water comes out from under the decal.  If the decal needs centered or relocated you will be able to adjust the position untill all the water is removed from behind the decal.
The 3 cars below belong to John R Schmidt Pittsburg, Pa
The Caddy ambulance below was customzed by Tim Hardesty of Oroville, California