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Decal Application Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your custom custom  decals for your die cast models. 
  Our company strives to produce the highest quality decals using the thinnest decal film possible to make the film least noticeable.

To apply your decals please do the following.
1.Supplies you will need are a pair of scissors, tweezers, a good artist paintbrush, Kleenex (I do mean Kleenex - do not use a generic brand) and a bowl of warm water.

2.Cut out around the decal name leaving the smallest practical border around the edge of the lettering.

3.Place your vehicle on a towel with the side up you are placing the decal facing up.

4.Place your decal in a bowl of warm to very warm water UPSIDE DOWN with the backing paper facing up.  Leave it soak 30-60 seconds.  Pick it up with the tweezers (gently-you do not want to make impressions on the film) and turn it so the lettering is facing you.

5.Wet the area you are placing the decal on (just dip your finger in the bowl and blob some water where you are placing the decal) Then take the decal with the backing paper and place it where you want to apply it with the film side up and the backing paper next to the model.  Using one finger move the film to the left slightly until you can grab the backing paper with the tweezers and pull the backing paper out from under the film. (I always slide the film to the left and leave my finger on the left edge of the film while pulling the backing paper to the right)

6.Adjust the film where you want it and take a Kleenex (I do mean Kleenex-no other brand works as well) and gently blot the excess water up around the decal. Double check the position of the decal to make sure that is where you want it.  If it is not ideally located you can move the film around to get it in the proper place at this time.

7.Take your artist brush starting in the center of the decal and brush outward removing the water from under the decal.  (I then take the Kleenex and blot up the water I have pushed out from under the decal)  Continue doing this process until no more beads of water come out from under the decal.

8.If you find your decal is not centered exactly where you want it soak it liberally in water using your artist brush and you can tease it to release and reposition it. (Until you get most of the water out from under the decal you will be able to reposition it without re-soaking it)

9.Let the decal dry for a day.  To protect the decal I suggest you coat it with acrylic using a Q-tip and Future floor wax.  This puts an iron like coating over the decal protecting the micro thin printing.

10.If you do not wish to attempt to do this (and it is really is simple once you do it you will find out) you can ship your model to me and I will apply the decals for you.  Average cost of this application is 20 dollars  plus shipping back to you.

11.If you encounter a very rare occurrence that occasionally happens, after you get your decal applied it looks like bubbles or spots between the film and what you applied it to the film did not completely adhere.  This happens on rare occasions.  Go to your local hobby store and purchase a decal setting solution (I use Microsol - .Micro Set) Liberally apply the setting solution over the decal and after 3 minutes gently brush outward from the center. This will resolve the problem and your film should be very transparent and unnoticeable.

12.Joseph Schulte
103 Seneca Ave.
Cridersville, Ohio 45806
419 645 4706 email:schulte@bright.net

13.If you have questions to do not hesitate to email me (the best way to reach me as email is checked daily) or call me. 

Custom Decal Application Instructions
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