The trucks look great... Thank you for all your hard work....

Michael Janis
JanPak Inc.
Director of Logistics & Distribution Services
(704) 892-0219 ext 206

Hello, My name is John Southwick from DeLand, Florida. I am one of your subscribers to Toy Farmer Magazine,
I want to pass on a thank you to you and your magazine for an item I purchased from you. It was the International Kb5 fire truck, This was the first truck that I
trained on almost 40 years ago with the Burton Volunteer Fire Department in Burton, Ohio.
I purchased the truck from Toy Farmer and sent it to Joseph Schulte in Ohio of diecastdecals .com.
Joe did a wonderful job of relettering the truck to say Burton Volunteer Fire Department No. 7
If you can I would like you to print this letter to thank all that were involved in bring back some old memories.
Burton fire Department is <> where you can see some history of a great Volunteer Fire Department
of which we all should be proud of our great history and sacrifices given by our Volunteers everywhere in The United States.
Thank you,
John (Brad) Southwick
DeLand, Florida

Thanks for the truck!!!! It looks GREAT
Joe, Everybody that has seen your work has been amazied.
John Southwick
Got it and it's awesome!!!! Much thanks. I'm currently on travel to Florida but I did manage to get it before coming this way. Now I'm going to try my hand at wood carving. Not sure if you remember the character sitting on the front fender of the photo? That was my brother in laws father, and I'm going to attempt to carve a crude likeness of the figure of a man, intentionally leaving out distinct features, and my hope is to have it done by the time I'm scheduled to return home on 25 April, and I go thru my sisters home town on the way back to Maryland and it is my hope to give it to him at that time!

Again, thanks a bunch and if you're up to it, I'm thinking of giving a sports related type truck (with his teams logo's etc) on the truck as a gift?


This looks better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much!! I mailed payment this morning. I will be sure to let you know what reaction this gets Christmas morning.
Erin Montgomery
Rubbermaid Home Products
Plant Controller - Centerville, IA
Office 641.437.1000 Ext 1233
Cell 641.895.2610
Thanks for the excellent work, the truck is great!
The apparatus are really great! Thanks for all you effort, and PLEASE let me know how much additional I owe you! I am at work (imagine that) and will get back to you later, buut I have a couple of more I would like done soon if you are interested.
Thanks again!
Hi Joe,
The ambulance arrived today and it is stunning! I am so happy to have
it I would like to post the pictures you sent me on Slot Car Illustrated
right away but I want to be sure to give you the type of plug you'd like.
Should I just post a link to your website and tell people to send you
email if they are interested or would you like to do something different.
I could take pictures with some 1/32 figures - still have not made much
progress on building scenery yet - but the figures do help show that the
ambulance looks great in scale.
Thanks so much again!
I got the KY-IHC KB-8 toy truck today. It is really beautiful. The decals are GREAT.
I'm Bob Crawford, 1st Asst. Chief of the Blanchard Twp. Vol. Fire Dept.
On behalf of the Fire Dept. I would like to say thank you for your donation,
it was well received by all members. The truck brought in $200 for our benefit.
Thanks again....
I just wrote you and declined your offer of the extra truck. However, as I was on the computer, I received your package with the other three trucks...and I would like to change my mind and buy the tanker truck. You said it was $49 plus shipping? Let me know how I am to pay you and all of those details.
I love the trucks you sent--they are great!

Dear vmfa,  I got my Truck today. It is very nice. I was very happing. I left your feedback on e-bay. Please don't forget mine. I need the numbers. Again thank you. I have handed out the cards over to the departmnet today. Everyone loved the truck. Hope to trade again soon. Ed

Hello, Joe!
I received the 1940 Ford BFD 75th Anniversary truck
W O W ..... that is one cute truck.....wish I had a real
one like that in my garage!!! (not gonna happen!)
Thank you so much for the truck. The firemen have chosen
to keep the truck. One of them is a really good
cabinetmaker. He is building a display case for it and one
of the '51 Ford trucks to be displayed in our Firemen's
Club room.
I will try to remember to send you a picture of them when
they get them mounted in the clubroom.
Again, thank you so much. The little truck is really
"special" to us!

I got the truck on Sat. the 12th about 1:00.
Looks GREAT!
Some decale stickim on the dump box just below the tailgate. I'll "scrub " it later. Busy as hell with retirement.
Thanks for doing a fine job! A pleasure doing business with you.
Joe: the fire truck loogs GREAT!!! brings back proud memories, thank you very much, please ship asap, and let me know how it is being shipped... again, GREAT job. Thank you John
Thank you for this item. It is very special since it is exactly the same truck I sat in and played "truck driver" in when I was either 4 or 5 yrs old at my father's oil business. I will continue to watch your auctions and will leave positive feedback. Thanks, Robert.

Dear Joe:
The three trucks arrived. The one that you said was the main one looks great. Everything looks great.
Thanks Bob,
Hello Joe,
The truck has arrived. You did an EXCELLENT JOB! The truck really looks sharp. Ice fishing went well. It was quite cold, but we dressed for it. I love ice fishing. We have a ton of snow.
I will keep an eye out for those "Newark Macks" for you, and will refer any customers I may come across to you.
Thanks again Joe.
Hi Joe
The trucks arrived to-day. A few of the white boxes had been bashed in but, fortunately, with no apparent damage to the trucks. I think when I get you to send more, I will have you leave them in the brown boxes as well, even if shipping costs more.
You did a great job on the trucks, Joe. Your efforts certainly show in each of the twelve. I know my sons will be very pleased with them, too. When First Gear puts out different models of fire trucks, especially older models, we will certainly want you to do up more for us. If you hear of different models being issued, I would hope that you would contact me.
Thanks very much for a splendid job. You should feel very proud of the work you provide to your customers and the great interest you take in ensuring that both your end product and the delivery meet high standards and at a very fair price.
Thanks again, Joe. All the best in the new year for you and yours.
Mac Irvine
No problem Joe, glad to be of some help. The Mack actually brought tears to the owner of the real pumper. As for your cards they went like wild fire. I hope I've generated some sales for you.
Recieved the two custom lettered pumpers today and I have to say that they
look FANTANSTIC !!!!!!!! I know both of the owners of the real pumpers will
be aw struck when they see them. Thanks again!!!!
Hi Joe,
The decals arrived this morning they look great, Thank You.
Your check will probably arrive Monday. I'm fix'n to go to a couple of
hobby stores and see if I can locate some of that micro sol this morning.
Thanks again
Lake Alfred, Fl
Joe, Thank you for the great buy and the excellent lettering on my firetruck. I recieved it today and it looks great, thanks again. I will leave positive feedback on your ebay account.
Joe, I received my fire truck. Thank you very much!!! It looks great. Thanks for the feedback and I posted feedback for you. Do you make other custom decals for toys?
Thanks again,
The truck arrived today. It is GREAT! I have left positive feedback for
you. Thanks.
You also have the White tractor/trailer fire tanker available for
customization don't you? What is the price for that item?
Hey Joe, Received it yesterday. (weds) GREAT Perfect. Thats a cool looking truck. I`m tempted to keep it and put it on my shelf !! He`s gonna love it
Nice job. You may get more business from me or him
Thanks again
Goodmorning Joe! I did get the truck, in record time. You did a
great job and I am very pleased with the quality of your work.
I may be ordering more when other people see this model. You should market this as a custom promo/collectible or fund raiser to various fire
departments in the US. Thanks, again. Dick

Perfect Looks GREAT He`s going to love it Thank You very much
Great work
Hi Joe,
I just got back today, and the truck was here waiting for me. I think you've done a fine job! Here's my critique... This is a lovely piece of work, and really one of a kind. I'd make two small adjustments though; I think the seal would look more proportional if it was a bit smaller. I also would go with a smaller font on the rear lettering. Pretty minor, given what you've accomplished. I am very pleased with this model!!
Thank you for your efforts Joe, you've done a fine job, and should be proud of the work. Hopefully, you've photographed it so you can provide samples. If you haven't, and would like photos, let me know and I'll get them off to you right away.
The town fair isn't until this coming fall, if I get a chance to show this off between now and then, I'll let you know.
Thanks once again, and best regards,
- Andy
Joe, I just got home from work, looked in my mailbox, and there was an envelope from you. YES! These decals will work! I don't see why they won't look great on the trucks ( unless I somehow botch the application process ). Thanks so much for a really beautiful job on both the truck and the additional decals. I will send you pictures of both the Jersey Forest Fire truck and the Ocean View truck as soon as I get the new and improved decals on them. Tom
Joe, IT'S HERE! IT's HERE! Sweet Jesus! IT'S HERE! This is the nicest looking of all my Power Wagons! Really am happy with the way it turned out. I showed it to some of my co-members of the fire co., and they were impressed!
Now for the big question. Can I send the check to the street address on the box the truck came in, or your post office box? If it is the post office box, couldyou send it to me? I didn't keep that info ( salt air brain fart!).
I have to apoligize for not getting back to you yesterday. We had an oppurtunity to do some controlled burning at a USDA Plant Research facility, and good burning days don"t come along that often here at the tip of Jersey. We burned fields of Indian Grass and Weeping Love Grass. Didn't know how hot the Weeping Love Grass burned! Now I will need about a month and a half for both sides of my beard to look the same!
Please let me know about where to send the check so I can get it to you, please, please, please. Thanx, Tom
been meaning to let you know that my friend hutch was absolutely thrilled with the truck. he couldn't believe the detail. he was out of town for quite a while, so i just heard from him when he got home last weekend. once again, i really appreciate your work.
george marinelli
I received the Fire Truck today and I am very pleased.
Thank You, Terry
Hi Joe,
I was going to write you tonight. I gave the truck as a gift over the weekend. It was a great hit. You did a fantastic job thank you again. Just a heads up for you. The decals got pretty beat up in the mail. I think from rubbing together in the envelope the decals looked scratched up and some of the thin lines were scratched away completely. No worry though. You gave me so many I was able to find three that looked perfect. I sprayed them with dupicolor clear automotive spray paint and then let them dry for two days before applying them to the truck. This step made them extremely durable, you couldn't scratch them if you tried. This didn't seem to make them appear any thicker on the doors. Maybe you could tape them to a piece of thick paper or cover them with tissue paper to protect them when they rub each other in the mail. You have a great product. I hope you have a lot of success with this part of your business. I will be sure to use you again in the future if I think up some more projects.
Thanks again for all your help.
That looks fantastic. You do great work. Thanks again.

It's here. It is awesome. Thank you.

At 08:21 AM 2/14/2014, you wrote:
He loved it!!! I really meant to write you after Christmas. He was so excited and amazed at how it looked exactly like the one he drives. He took several pictures of it and took them to work.
Thanks again for all of your help and patience with me.
Ok I got it. The car looks great! Thank you very much!

Jana Dial
He’ll love it. He’s impossible to shop for so this will be awesome. Thanks again!
The patrol car is FANTASTIC!!! Awesome job! I would love to do more cars from another agency. Do you offer discounts for multiple vehicle orders of the same agency?
Hi Joe,
You are the best!, thank you for refunding the money…very generous ( but you really didn’t need to, I appreciate you taking the time to get the new ones back out).
This is the first time I have every applied these, very tricky. I will try your way…I tried to slide off the paper to the diecast.
Thank you again for your help..your awesome!
The truck came on Saturday but my husband was home so I had to wait until today to open it. It is great! I love it! And it arrived in great shape!
You're the best! If you ever need anyone to give you a recommendation, just let me know!
Thanks again!

You're swamped because you do a good job and nobody else seems to even want to try those small decals! I love mine! -Bob
Joe that is a good thing. Hay when you have a person making quality decals word gets around. J I will send you pictures of my current project when finished Utica Truck one.
Thanks Joe. You did a super job on th decals. What a talent! Thank you so much.

I placed a couple and they fit perfectly, a little adjustments and that’s it.
PLEASE Joe, send me the Real original decals that I sent you (If you still have them). In those decals I have some money.
If you want I’ll will send you a prepaid envelope.
The Tango paper is just PERFECT!!!
The Santander and the Hanjin Chinese decals looks WONDERFULL, I will try those later.
The GP Names over clear and black work PERFECTLY too . I already placed one (2nd Place British GP).
And the GP Names with the flag colors for the Hot Wheels are PERFECT too, even though I will prefer brighter colors (If it is possible). These are a little opaque, specially the Spanish GP and the Italian GP, but they are PERFECT for now.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and a million times THANK YOU Joe.
Hope to be back soon for reprints.
Thanks Joe
I’m sure it is always nice to see your decals on the finished project. The Clinton Collision was done by a different guy back in 03. I have more trucks I should take photos of and load them up into photo bucket.
Thank you very much for the compliments. If it wasn’t for you making these decals these projects wouldn’t be.
So A big thank you to Diecast Decals. I have passed your card and your website around so maybe some more work will come your way.
The Transit Police decals you sent have worked out really great. My son and fellow officers were very impressed! Thank’s so much for your effort. Would you like to take a stab at the transit bus decal project? Instead of e-mailing back and forth etc.. I was wandering if you would be open to me mailing you the actual model of the bus along with pictures on a cd (or prints if you prefer) that you could use to figure out scale. I would pay all shipping costs (including return). I can also include actual samples of the stripe decals that we use and other items to help you with colors, etc. Let me know what you think, Mark Bohlke
Hey dude I just wanted to tell u that the decals are perfect size and all thank you !
I just received the Sanford and Son truck, and it is awesome. I could not be happier. Man am I glad I let you do the installation. You have a talent! Now, I really am encouraged to do the fire trucks for my local fire dept. Enjoy your trip.


Hi Joe, thought I would let you know that the decals arrived today & they are awesome! The bus 7 ambulance are getting painted right now but when they are done I will send you some pics. they are going to look so cool with those decals. I have some more thatnI would like made with that same type font that you used for the KOOLSVILLE SCHOOL DIST. I will get a list & see what you think. Thanks again, Matt
The car arrived today - it looks great! Thanks for doing such a good job!

Just wanted to let you know that he LOVED the car!!!
Thanks again!
Hi Joe, please forgive me but I owe you a gratitude about the way you handled the making of the decals for my police car. I appreciate all the time and effort you dedicated. I assure you if I have to recommend to someone, it is you.
Thank you Joe,
Julio Alarcon

Good Morning Joe,
I hope that you are enjoying a nice vacation filled with some R & R!!!!!!! I received the ambulance yesterday since I too was away for the weekend. The ambo looks absolutely amazing! Thank you once again for all of the meticulous detail that you put into your work. It was an absolute pleasure doing with business with you. The ambo has already found a home, it is already on display at the Chicago Cut Steakhouse in the heart of downtown Chicago! ( It is a tradition that some steakhouses have started to have the investors display their company name on a truck, crain....and now an ambo!)
In addition, thank you for taking the time to explain the process that you go thru in making such a detailed replica of the ambulance. I was very confused as to how to even start on embarking on such a project and you helped me every step of the way!
Thank you once again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future (not sure if the feeling is mutual since it was such a pain in the butt )
If you are in the Chicagoland area, please let me know, it would be a pleasure to invite you and your family to the Chicago Cut Steakhouse for dinner.

Thank you again! The truck looks amazing!
Joe I just opened my email and am sitting here crying at the incredible generosity you and your friend have shown me and mostly Dylan. I cannot think of the proper words to say to such kindness and generosity. I will be glad to send the shipping amount to you. I just read a book called gods guest list about how people enter your life to help you on your journey in life. I truly believe god sent you and your friend Bob to me to help Dylan in his journey in the healing of the death of his father and I know Dale would be grateful for your kindness as well. Thank you so much for all the hard work and kindness you have shown Dylan. Your story of your life touched me. I am an OB/GYN office nurse and have been in ultrasounds when people discover their baby has not survived. It is the most heartbreaking news parents can get, so I am so sorry for your family that you had to experience that and the death of your son in law. I know it will take a long time to come to terms with the death of Dale and feel ok again and watching Dylan be so sad is heartbreaking. It sounds from your family that it takes alot of time to heal, but I also know it changes your life forever. Let me tell you a little more about Dylan and why this was so important to us. Dylan was born at 30 weeks gestation and has a major heart defect called truncus arteriosis. He has had 3 heart surgeries to put grafts in his heart to make it function better. he will have to have to have them as he grows since the grafts do not grow with him. He spent many days at the childrens hospital in Milwaukee on ventilators etc to keep him alive and we almost lost him several times. we are so grateful he has done so well in the last few years as it was a very tough journey for him and my daughter and Dale. Losing Dale at a time when things were just getting better for them all is just not fair to any of them, so for you and your friend to do something so incredibly generous just makes me so thankful you cannot even imagine. I hope someone does something for you that is this great. I watch oprah and she does shows that encourage people to pay forward any kindness that is shown to you. I hope I can do something this kind for someone some day to pay back this kindess, Thank you so much again for doing this for my grandson. You are truly the most kind and generous person I have had the pleasure to have met even if it was just on he internet. I believe God helped me find your business on the internet and sent you to me and I will always be grateful for this great thing you have done and all the hard work and effort you and your friend put in to this so Dylan will have a memory of the good times he and his dad shared in this truck they called their hot dog. I will send your payment asap. It is truly a pleasure to have done business with you. Thanks again for everything. Cheryl , Dylan and family. We can hardly wait for the package to come. we have not told Dylan about it yet and I know he will love it. I will send pictures of it to you so you can see his reaction.
Hi Joe,
Well, I have to say…..My Fiance was so impressed with the car and absolutely loves it! He loved the verbiage on the car, of course, but was so impressed with your detailing and exactness of the car, and your craftsmenship….. right down to the gold and black lettering – and that you also got the Crown Victoria!
It is making its way on the ‘hit’ parade down at the station. The guys all think its great.
Once again, thanks again for making our Christmas very special, I am really happy I found you on the web!

A few months ago I ordered some custom Polk County Fire Department decals. I just got around to the build and did the decals this morning. I just wanted to let you know they are AWESOME. The quality of the decal is better than what you get in the kits today! I will have finished photos for you soon. I love the decals and they really do make the build stand out! Thanks.

Alan Mann

Joe, I got the decals, and I couldn't be happier! They turned out perfect! While it's hard to see in the pictures, here is the "Custom/10" decal on the truck I was working on. It shows up much better in person, especially when the light hits it right.
I have a couple other projects to finish before I start on the race car, but I'll send some pictures as soon as I finish it!
Thanks again!

Yes, very satisfied! Thank you for your assistance. I will keep you in mind for future orders.
Cheryl A. Drury
Account Executive
Marketing Products Group
2303 Greystone Drive
Festus, MO 63028
i got the truck yesterday (thursday) my husband loved it thanks so much!

I received the patrol car in the mail yesterday. You did an AWESOME job on it!!!!!! I can't wait to give it to him on Father's Day! I can not believe how realistic it looks. I am sure he and his department will get a kick out of it when they see it.
Thanks so much!!
The car came today!!! I was sooo excited to see it! It looks great!! I have it all wrapped to give to my boyfriend on Christmas. Thank you again so much! :)
Thank you sooo much... I know my boyfriend will LOVE this! I couldnt find anyone else to do this for me because like you said, the car had to be painted first because the cars do not come like that. Thank you sooo much for all of your time and hard work. It looks great and I cant wait to see it in person. Another officer my boyfriend works with is looking into getting one of these cars for himself and he asked me for your email so I will let him know what a great job you did! Thank you so much again!
It looks awesome. Thank you so much. I will pay the remaining amount of 47.73 right away. Thanks again!!


you are so welcome. I'm sure you have put many hours into this. I wish we could send you much more for all your time. It will be a pleasure to send you photos after we get them done. After the cars are decaled, we have display cases to put them in and we will have a photo on the back of the case with Bruce's car and the starting line. He also still has some of this time tickets which we are going to also put in the case. We will send you photos of the total finished project. Bruce actually started working on this last year so it is great to see it finally coming together. We can't thank you enough for all your input and help. We would never have gotten this done without all your help. It would be an honor to have the car on your website. We will keep checking. the check was dropped in the mail yesterday so you should have it soon

Again thanks for everything
Bruce & Char
I have received my car and it looks great! Thank you.
Hey Joe,
I got the decals today, awesome, just awesome!!! Thanks a million for doing those. You are my decal man!!!

The Car looks FANTASTIC!!!!! You are a true master! Â I will send payment this week via paypal and let you know when I receive the car. Â Hope all is well and thanks again!
Hi Joe, It just came.It was PERFECT!!!! Thanks again. Regards, John
oh yes i got it! it is wonderful! and my boyfriend loved it! thank you so much!


Hey Joe
They have arrived today. They look great. Won't put them on for at least two-three weeks as I'm going on VAC. Then of course the black cars have to be painted red and I 'm not counting on that for at least two-three months. I won't forget to send pics when I done with both.
Thanks again

Just wanted to let you know the car looks absolutely wonderful. He fell in love with it when he saw it. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Did you get the car and the payment?
Joe, cool cars

Received cars today and they look amazing great job!!!!!!
I just wanted to tell you that the decals turned out awesome. Here are a couple pics of the car. If you want any better photos of it I can take them and send it to you.

Thanks again,


This is some feed back email from a few of my customers, Joe.